My Logs is an application which allows users to categorize information in a log. Users can create any number of logs to track information (e.g. ToDo, Work Activites, Medication, etc..). A log consists of log entries each of which contains a time stamp, log catergory, and log details. Log entries can also be assigned a rating to add additional significance (or priority) to the entry. Furthermore, log entries can be filtered by category, date, and rating in order to show only the entries of interest.

 My Logs Pro

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My Logs Pro offers many features not found in My Logs.

See the My Logs Pro - Users Guide for a complete list of features.

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There are three ways to view your log entries in My Logs (List, Calendar, and Log Entry):

Note: To switch between the List and Calendar view, swipe/flick your finger horizontally across the screen. A small swipe is all that is needed.

List View
showing the options menu

Calendar View

Log Entry View
showing attachment

 Log ID's

Log entries are associated with a Log ID. To create a Log ID, select the options menu on the main view (Log Entries view) and then select "Log ID List". A list of available Log ID's will be displayed.

The following actions can be performed by long pressing on a Log ID in the list:

Log ID dialog

 Log Categories

To view the log categories, select "Catergory List" from the options menu on the Log Entries view. A list of available Log Types will be display. Each Log Type can be expanded to view all associated Log Items.

To add a new Log Type or Log Item, from the options menu, select either "Add Log Type" or "Add Log Item".

The following actions can be performed by long pressing on either the Log Type or Log Item in the list:

Log Cateroies view

 Log Templates

Templates allow you to pre-define the log details for a log entry. It provides a starting point for log entries which are repeated. To add, edit, delete, or view the log templates, select "Catergories" from the options menu on the Log Entries view. A list of available log categories will be display.

To add a template, long press on the log type or log item which you would like to have a template and select "Add Template" from the context menu.

Log Cateroies view

Enter the template details and press add.

Log Cateroies view

Log types or items which have templates defined will have an icon displayed to the right.

Log Cateroies view

To edit or delete a template, long press on the log type or item which already has a template defined and select either "Edit Template" or "Delete Template".

Log Cateroies view

 Log Entry

To add an entry to a log, select "Add Log Entry" from the options menu on the Log Entries view. The following settings are available for a log entry:

To add an attachment to the log entry, select one of the following from the options menu:

When finished entering log entry information, click the save icon to save the log entry to the database. Pressing the cancel icon will discard the log entry.

Add Log Entry view

Ratings Dialog

 Date and Time Format

My Logs uses the phones system settings for the date & time format. You can change the time and date format by opening the phones system settings (Programs: Settings) and selecting Date & Time.

Phone Settings / Date & Time

Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy
Time Format: 24hr

 Filter Settings

To filter the log entries, select "Filter Settings" from the options menu on the Log Entries view. The log entries are filtered based on the following settings:

Filter Settings view


Search allows you to search your log entries for a specified word. The search is case insensitive and searches all the log entry descriptions based on the filter settings. Make sure to set the filter settings to view all log entries if you want to search all your log entries. When Search is enabled, you will see the word you are searching for next to a search icon in the log header. Log entries which contain the search word will be displayed in the view and the word will be highlighted.

Search Dialog

Search Results

 Export Log Entries

To export the log entries, select "Export" from the options menu on the Log Entries view (Figure 1.). The following selections can be made on exporting the log entries:

Export dialog


Your logs entries are stored in a database and the log attachments are organized under the MyLogs folder on the SDcard. It is highly recommended that you backup your database before deleting any log information. From the main view (Figure 1.) select the "More" menu item. From there you can select the following:

 New Phone

If you are switching phones and would like to continue using your log entries from your old phone, you will need to copy the MyLogs folder from your old phone to the MyLogs folder of the new phone. The steps are outlined below:

  1. From the old phone select Backup
  2. Connect your old phone to your computer and copy the MyLogs folder to known location on your computer (e.g.Desktop).
  3. From your new phone, select Backup. This will create the MyLogs folder on the SD card of the new phone.
  4. Connect the new phone to your computer and copy the MyLogs folder from your computer to the folder MyLogs of the new phone.
  5. Disconnect the new phone from your computer and select Restore.



To report issue, defects, crashes, suggestions, or feedback of any type, please send email to: