My Logs Pro v2.11

New Features:

  • Plot timed log entries. Log entries with start/stop times can now be plotted
  • Plot data aggregation: Choose from Daily/Weekly/Monthly and Total/Average
  • Timed log entries containing forms with numeric fields are now included in the plots

Timed log entry screen shots (scroll table to see totals):

timed_log_entries_v2_11  timed_log_entries_plot_v2_11  timed_log_entries_plot_scrolled_v2_11

Timed log entries with form (scroll table to see all columns):

form_log_entry_timed_v2_11  form_log_entries_v2_11


form_log_entries_plot_v2_11  form_log_entries_plot_scrolled_v2_11

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